Sometimes people win ribbons for doing a good job at something.  Growing the biggest pumpkin or being the fastest to run the 100m race.  It is good to be fast or beautiful or strong or smart.  Funny, silly, or a good horticulturalist: you could win a ribbon for any of those things.

We learn in the Bible that any of those things are okay to be but the most important ribbon we can earn is this one — loving.  It is so important to act in a loving way to everyone around us.

(I compared ribbons that I had made up with each trait written on, casting one aside and holding on to the winner each time.)

  • Silly or Loving?
  • Smart or Loving?
  • Strong or Loving?
  • Funny or Loving?
  • Beautiful or Loving?
  • Fast or Loving?

Let’s all pride ourselves on being loving.  And if everyone in our church is loving, does that make the church itself a wonderfully loving place to be?  What a warm and welcoming place this would be if we all focused on earning these loving ribbons every day.