Do you ever smell cookies baking and feel drawn to the kitchen?  Maybe you’ll be allowed to have one while their still fresh from the oven!
Do you ever feel the warmth of a campfire or fireplace and feel like cuddling up in front of it?  Or does it make you want to sing and roast marshmallows?

Do you ever see a star far away in the sky and want to travel toward it?  Maybe these days we would try to go on a spaceship to find a map.  And like the way we are drawn to the kitchen by the smell and sound of sizzling bacon, three wise men were drawn to Bethlehem by the appearance of that star.  They travelled a long way following that star and it led them to Jesus.

I hope we can all find our way travelling with Jesus this year.  It won’t be a long haul on a camel and their likely won’t be a plate of fresh-baked cookies at the end, but maybe we can share some light along the way.