I am glad that you wore that shirt today, Rhett.  It is a perfect example of what I want to talk about today – heroes.  Is Spiderman someone that you look up to?  Do you wish you could be like him in some ways?  Maybe you would like to be able to climb buildings or capture criminals…  It is not just comic book heroes that we might want to be like.  Some think that firefighters are heroes or other people with dangerous jobs.  I do agree that bravery is an important trait of heroes, but it is certainly not the only one.

In my Christmas stocking this year, I was given this deck of cards: Bible Heroes.  Look how many there are!  The Bible is full of examples of heroic characters.  This one is David; he truly was brave!  He trusted that God would be with him to help defeat the mighty Goliath.  Here is Ruth; she was so loyal and determined that she left her own country to care for Naomi.  Here is Noah; he had great perseverance.  Even when everyone was making fun of him for building the ark, he kept working at it.  He knew it was the right thing to do.  This is Esther; she is so brave and bold.  She saved all the Jewish people in her country by taking a risk and standing up to the King. 

Last one here – Jesus!  Jesus has so many positive characteristics that make him a hero of the Bible.  He cared for the poor, fought for what was right, and stood up for his beliefs.  Jesus learned a lot of the lessons that he taught by looking back at David, Ruth, Noah, Esther and other heroes of the Old Testament.  If Jesus could learn from them, I think we can too!