Do you all know the game Simon Says?  I was thinking about this game yesterday and trying to think about how to make it a teaching tool for today’s Bible story.  I wonder if there is anyone else who would like to come up to play Simon Says with us.

Simon Says stand up.
Simon Says find a new place to sit.
Simon Says sit down.

Oh, wait.  I was supposed to make it work with the Bible story.  So instead of Simon I will say Jesus… and I do not think that Jesus was very bossy, so I will say “Jesus Asks”.  [We then started a Follow-the-Leader type game throughout the sanctuary.  I was thankful for the cordless microphone today!]

Jesus Asks follow me.
Jesus Asks raise your arms to the sky.
Jesus Asks smile at someone near you.
Jesus Asks pat someone’s back in encouragement.
Jesus Asks shake hands with someone you do not know very well.  Or maybe with lots of someones!

Jesus asks us to do these things to spread his light and love.  Please come back up to the front here for one more request from Jesus.  Jesus asks us to pray together.