Do you see what this is?  It’s a foot!  Well, it’s what a foot would look like underneath all the skin and muscles.  In here, I have enough bones to build something pretty great – a human body!  We need a head and a ribcage and an arm or maybe even two arms!  Look how well all the pieces go together to make a body.

What if we had opened this box though and found only feet bones?  We couldn’t build a body with feet only.  What if we opened the box and found that the pelvic bone was missing?  Oh, no.  Now the legs don’t have anything to attach to and we can’t sit up straight.

In the Bible, Paul talks about how all of us make up this church the way all these bones make up a body.  We’re all important and we’re all different.  We need hips and legs and feet to walk.  And we need speakers and helpers and organisers to do what we do as a church.

We need people who are good at counting money and cooking soup and baking buns and setting tables and cleaning up.  What if all we had were lots of people making soup but no bowls to eat from or tables to sit at…

You can see how each job is important and each person’s talents should be used in a way that helps the church in doing Jesus’ work here in Lethbridge and in the world.