Sometimes we have to look closely to find what we are looking for.  In a big book with tiny print like this one, we can look more closely with a magnifying glass.  To see a bird high in the trees, we can use binoculars to see it more closely.

I brought this book to show you today, too.  In Where’s Waldo? you have to look closely to find the right character and there are a lot of other things to distract you from finding him.  What if we were looking for Jesus instead of Waldo?  How would we recognise him?  Maybe by the clothes he wore – this man with the sandals and rope belt?  Maybe by who he was making friends with – this person helping someone else with a cane?  Maybe this is him talking to a big group of people… It is hard to know without looking closely.

Even John the Baptist did not know at first that Jesus was the Son of God.  But as soon as he saw the Holy Spirit on the day of Jesus’ baptism, John was sure.  And he wanted everyone else to know too!

If we look closely, we can find Jesus all around us.  Not just in church: the symbols of the Christ candle and the cross hung above the choir.  We can find Jesus in each other: in a smile, a hug, a kind word and a helping hand.  Look closely and you will see Jesus acting in small ways through everyone around you.