Yesterday I did something that people might think is a little bit crazy.  I registered for a 6 km race that takes place at night – in March!  I was very nervous to sign up.  I have done some races before, but never at night.  And never in the winter.  And never without a lot of practice time leading up to it.  Does this mean that I will have to do my training outside?  In the cold and wind?

My friend Holly asked me to do the race with her.  Holly is fit and healthy and has a treadmill in her basement.  She practices running much  more than me.  I felt nervous that I would disappoint her if I could not run as fast as her or if I needed to take more rest breaks.  What if I wanted to give up?

Holly encouraged me.  She said “I have faith in you”, “I will help you prepare”, “It will be fun to do it together”.  She reminded me that the Moonlight Run supports the Interfaith Foodbank and the Coulee Clean Up Project.  With her encouragement, I went ahead and signed up for the run.

Jesus came to the River Jordan to be baptised by John.  John was nervous; he had never baptised a SAVIOUR!  He said “I should be baptised by you”.  But Jesus encouraged John, reminding him that he was good at his job and doing the right thing.  As Holly encouraged me, as Jesus encouraged John – let us all be encouraging to each other.  Let that be another way that we can share God’s love for the world.