Do you ever speak in a whisper?  When you want to keep something secret?  Or when you are embarrassed or unsure?

After Jesus was baptised by his cousin, John the Baptist, the Holy Spirit came in the form of a dove.  A voice was heard saying “I am pleased with this man who is my beloved son.”  Maybe that is the type of thing that would normally be said in private.  Something that you would have to listen closely to hear.  Something that might be said in private as a father tucks his son into bed at night.  “I love you.  You’re a good kid.”

But it was not a message that was so quiet that it had to be magnified by a stethoscope.  It wasn’t whispered and it wasn’t a secret.  Through the Holy Spirit, God loudly announced the love for Jesus.  And God’s love for us is a gift too, announced loudly and without question.  We are all beloved children of God!