What do you know about animal mothers?  Usually they are very protective of their babies, teaching them how to find food, where to watch for danger, and the warmest places to sleep at night.  In that same way, our mothers and step-mothers and aunts and Grannys want to help us, teach us, and keep us safe.

This is a picture of my sister Meaghan and her two kids – Bryan and Mary-Anne.  See how her hands are around them and resting on their shoulders?  It looks to me very similar to how a mother hen would tuck her little chicks under her wings.

The mother hen comforts and protects her chicks the same way that Meaghan keeps her children close.  In today’s Bible story, Jesus compares himself to a mother hen.  He wants to gather up all the people of Jerusalem – his disciples, his followers, and everyone else that he had not yet reached with God’s word.

When you feel a warm embrace or a soft touch on your shoulder, remember how Jesus would welcome you under his loving wing if he were here.