I got this book from the library.  The boy does not like his new neighbour.  He dreams of baking Jeremy an enemy pie.  He thinks that if he fills the pie with worms and weeds and other yucky stuff that he will be able to get rid of his enemy – Jeremy.  Maybe enemy pie will make Jeremy’s hair fall out, or give Jeremy stinky breath!  He is excited to think about the ways that enemy pie will help him to get rid of his enemy.

Then his Dad tells him about the secret ingredient.  It is not ABC gum or rocks from the driveway.  The final ingredient in the recipe is for the boy to spend a whole day with Jeremy pretending that he likes the kid who is his enemy number one.  Once he has done that – the enemy pie will be ready for dessert!

Something great happens as this story unfolds.  While the two boys spent the day together pretending to like each other, they actually become friends.  That is the magic of enemy pie – it turns our foes into friends!

This is a great lesson similar to what Jesus taught.  Love your enemies.  Pray for those who are unkind.  Jesus teaches us to be kind and loving to one another, even when it is not easy.  Even when people are inconsiderate of us.  It may be fair to take an ‘eye for an eye’, but it certainly is not a loving way to follow Jesus’ example.