Today Jock is going to read a well-known verse from the Bible with some instruction about how to live like Jesus wants.  It reminds us to do three things.  Seek justice – that means trying to make things fair for everyone.  Love kindness – that means both being kind and encouraging kindness in others.  And finally to walk humbly with God.  To explain this one I brought a balloon.

I did some great stuff this week.  [Following each statement, I added a big breath to the balloon until it is near bursting.]

I remembered that I had some balloons left over from last Easter.
I found three of them in the trunk of my car.
I also found the hat that I thought I had lost this summer.
I hosted a great party for my friends on Friday.
They all said that the meatballs I served were delicious.
I baked cookies too.
I finished making curtains for my kitchen windows.
I chose which dress I will wear to the Gala.
I helped my neighbour shovel her driveway.

What do you think will happen if I keep telling you about all the wonderful things I have done?  And adding more and more air to the balloon?  It could pop!  A balloon does need some air to look like a balloon, but too much and it will burst!

Sometimes we are like this balloon; we get puffed up and proud of all the good things we are doing and forget that God is beside us and helping us all along the way.  When I remember that, I can still be happy that I am doing good things, but I do not get too proud because I know that God is journeying with me.