Pinocchio was a little wooden puppet.  Before he became a real boy with a proper working brain and heart, he was lucky enough to have a little friend.  Do you recognise this guy?  Of course, Jiminy Cricket!

Jiminy was his conscience.  He helped Pinocchio figure out right from wrong.  Do any of you have a little insect following you around to give you advice?  No?  Well, it is not just you.  Jesus did not have one either when he was out in the wilderness for forty days.  The Bible tells us that he was being tempted by Satan – the devil.

Jesus was tempted by things like food, money and power.  That means that he was being encouraged to turn away from what he knew was right to gain some benefit.  We are tempted in our lives: maybe to read the test answers off the next desk at school, maybe to eat a cookie right before dinner time, maybe to make someone else feel bad.  Pinocchio was tempted by Lampwick to break windows, smoke cigars and run away. 

Once he remembered Jiminy, he realised that what he was doing was wrong.  Jesus had his relationship with God to remind of him of what was right when he was tempted in the desert.  Lucky for us, even though we are not followed around by insects helping us make decisions, we do have Jesus’ example and God’s love to help us make right choices.