This morning I hurt my foot running around in the house in my nylons.  They sure make my feet slippery on the wood floor.  It is all bandaged up and feeling really sore.  What would you do?  Continue running around without grippy slippers?  Risk falling and making it worse?  Or hurting the other foot as well?  No – you take time to rest and heal your foot.  Sometimes it is not easy to stop and rest, but we have to turn around and do what is not hurtful.

In our lives, we do things that hurt ourselves and other people.  When I do something unkind or inconsiderate, I have to be reminded to turn away from that behaviour to do what is right.

When we can learn from our mistakes, apologise for the things we do wrong, and repent to make things right again, we can achieve the peace in our lives that God wants for us.  The lion and the lamb will lie down together.  The old and the young will learn from each other.  The rich, unemployed, bullies, newcomers, tax collectors, parents and wallflowers will be valued equally.

As we each try to create peace in our bodies and in our lives, we can hope and work to spread that peace throughout the world.