Have any of you ever been camping in a tent before?  What do you do when it gets dark out – light a fire?  Go to bed?  See with a flashlight like this one?

Sometimes in the night, we have to go to the washroom and when we’re camping, there is no light in the hallway to flick on to guide our way.  A little flicker of light in a flashlight is just enough to get us to the outhouse without tripping over a bear.  When we’re at home, maybe a night light plugged into the wall of the “in-house” helps us to find our way in the dark.

In our Bible story today – Epiphany – we will learn how the light of the star helped the wise men to find Jesus.  It was dark, maybe the wise men were lost or disoriented… maybe they really needed to find an outhouse.  But the light of that bright Christmas star helped them find their way.

Even now, we use the phrase “light of the world” to describe Jesus.  He is a bright light in our lives – like a star or a night light or a flashlight – that helps to guide us.  Jesus guides us to be loving and honest and caring and joyous!