We hear a lot about angels in the Bible, but especially in the stories we read leading up to Christmas.  They may be different angels visiting different people, but one thing is common — everyone is always surprised to see an angel!

You remember one angel visited Mary when she found out that she was pregnant.  Mary must have looked startled or scared because the first thing Gabriel said to her was FEAR NOT.  Mary was brave, listened to the message from God and went on to be Jesus’ loving mother.

Today we remember the angels who appeared where the shepherds were caring for their sheep.  Those shepherds must have been just as freaked out as Mary because the very first thing that the angel said was FEAR NOT.  Those shepherds had the courage to hear the angels talk about Jesus’ birth and go to visit the newborn baby.

Mary and that group of shepherds heard great news from the angels.  When we hear the good news of Christmas, I hope that we can all be messengers of the story of Jesus birth, too!