Ian just read a verse from Isaiah and one word particularly resounded with me today – LIGHT!  Look at my earrings; they are Christmas light bulbs.  Christmas lights are great, but they do not last.  They are only lit for a portion of each year.

I brought this candle today, too.  It is a big candle with three wicks.  We could get a lot of light from just this one candle.  But when I read the care instructions that came with it, I found out that it only lasts 55 hours.  Once it is down to just a jar – no more light.

So, I brought this flashlight.  If the battery runs out, I can just plug it in and always have light, right?  Well, unless the power goes out or the bulb burns out…  So, maybe it is not as long lasting as I hoped.

In Ottawa, there is a sort of everlasting campfire called the Centennial Flame.  It was first lit to commemorate Canada’s 100th birthday and has been burning ever since.  My parents went to see it when they were on vacation there a few years ago.  And it was out of order!  Apparently they turn it off once a year for cleaning and maintenance.  Even that eternal flame is not completely constant.

The light that Ian mentioned in the Bible reading was Jesus.  Jesus, whose birthday is now so near, is the light of our lives.  Jesus is not going to run out of wax, need a new bulb, or get shut down for cleaning.  The joy that Jesus brings to this season is a light that shines all year.