If you found a gift box this large under your Christmas tree and the tag had your name on it, how would you feel?  Happy?  VERY happy?

If you saw that it was a printer, would you be less happy?  It’s not a computer or a doll house or a solid brick of chocolate… I would probably be happy to receive a printer as a gift, but less happy than a minute ago.

What if I showed you the inside and you saw that there wasn’t a computer, a doll house, chocolate or even a printer; this box is empty!  I think that your happiness level would plummet pretty quickly.  You see, happiness can come and go.  I feel happy when I am eating a big bowl of chips with dip, but I don’t feel so happy afterwards when I feel an upset stomach.

There is a big gift for each of you at Christmas.  You might have to dig through all the glitz and wrapping to find it, but Jesus is that gift.  He brings a different kind of happiness – JOY!  Joy is a deeper feeling than happiness that is not variable based on how much dairy you eat or the number of gifts you receive.

I find joy in knowing that Jesus came to Earth to be our light and our guide.  Jesus’ birth doesn’t just make me happy, it makes me joyful!