This time of year, I do not wear socks too often.  I usually wear sandals in the summer or plain bare feet if I can get away with it.   But in the winter I am wearing socks all the time – even to bed.  I like to have enough socks so that I do not have to do laundry too often and so that whenever my feet feel cold or wet, I can change socks to feel better right away.

So, this is my sock drawer.  I have exercise socks, hiking socks, cozy socks and boring black work socks.  This should probably be enough, right?  Fifteen pairs of socks would last me a couple weeks.  But then I was given some fun socks for Christmas… penguins and snowflakes and stripy ankle socks.  And then when Zellers closed, they had lots of good sales on socks that I just could not resist.  Now I have LOTS of socks.  I have so many pairs of socks that they do not even all fit in my drawer.  Now I have three sock drawers and they are all full.  This one is even too full to get open.  Some people might think that I am rich.  Having an excess of socks or food or money can give that impression.

The Bible story today is a parable that Jesus tells to remind us not to busy ourselves accumulating wealth.  A farmer had a very good crop and decided to store it away – needing a much bigger barn (or maybe three barns) to keep it all.  But could he really eat all that food?  Can I really wear all these socks?

Jesus encourages us to share our riches: to give clothes to the homeless shelter, to share food at the Soup Kitchen, and to share the love of God with all our neighbours.