Do any of you like to go on picnics?  I do!  I will spread out my picnic blanket and bring along my picnic basket.  I thought that it would be fun to imagine that we are on a picnic together today.  Let’s see what’s for lunch.  Maybe some sandwiches, juice boxes, apples, cupcakes…  What do you like to eat on a picnic?

Okay, I think that there is enough food in here and space on the blanket for us kids.  What if we invited Rev. Ruth and Rick and John Paul to join us?  I guess I could offer half of my sandwich, then there would be enough.  What if we invited everyone here to join?  Or everyone in Lethbridge?  No way!  We could not feed all those people with only one little basket of food.

One day, Jesus met and was talking to a big group of people.  He was teaching and healing and spreading God’s love.  When it got to be dinner time, the disciples thought they should send all the people away.  But Jesus wanted everyone to stay; he wanted everyone to be happy and full together.

There was not very much food, maybe just as much as would fit in this picnic basket, but there was enough for everyone.  There were even leftovers after the disciples had fed five thousand men and even more women and children.

Can you imagine feeding a whole town of people with just one little picnic basket of food?  With Jesus, anything is possible.  In the same way that the people were fulfilled by the sharing of the meal, let us share and be fulfilled through prayer.