I offered Children’s Time at Waterton United Church this Sunday in Waterton Lakes National Park.



My name is Hilary and I present Children’s time at Southminster United Church in Lethbridge every Sunday morning.  I worked here in Waterton at the Prince of Wales Hotel for four summers: 2004 – 2007.

Ten years ago nobody had a cell phone and even if you did, it would be useless in Waterton since there was no service back then.  Our staff cafeteria had one computer with dial-up internet for everyone to share.  I bought a long distance calling card to make calls to my parents from the pay phone in the stairwell.  I pre-composed my emails on paper so that all I had to do was type it into my hotmail when I finally got my turn on the glacier speed computer.

We spent time with our coworkers who were from all over the country.  We met the people who worked at other hotels and the business owners throughout town.  But most of all, we enjoyed the natural splendour of Waterton Lakes National Park.  We noticed the changes around us.  We discovered new hikes, new flowers, and new ways to cope with bug bites and sun burn.  What fun we had exploring and enjoying God’s creation.

I read this book from the public library this week.  Lydia ventures outdoors when all her electronic devices fail her.  She discovers the wonders of the outdoors – flowers, bugs, friends, and fresh air.  The story is low on text but high on moral.  Lydia shows her family what is waiting for them if they will only set down their cell phones and video games and step outside.

Being here is a great first step for us today.  I hope we can all take time to wonder at God’s creation – without the distraction of phones, computers, and electronic games – today and in doses throughout our days.