I hope that none of my cousins or sisters is here today.  I do not want them to hear what I am about to tell you because I am afraid that they might get very jealous.  It is kind of a secret…  I am my Grandma’s favourite granddaughter.

She gave me this beautiful quilt which I use as my picnic blanket.  I showed it to you last week.  I spread it out on the grass whenever I’m having a picnic in Waterton.  I sometimes even use it on my living room floor when I order pizza so that I can pretend I’m having a picnic at home.  She also gave me this quilt; it stays on my bed.  Aaaaaand this one which I keep on the couch in the living room for when I want to feel cozy watching a dvd or a thunderstorm.

My cousins and my sisters each got one quilt from Grandma, but I got three.  That’s how I know that I am Grandma’s favourite girl.  Do you think that if they knew about my extra quilts that my sisters and cousins would be jealous?  Do you think that they might try to keep me away from Grandma?  Or sell me to travellers headed for Egypt?

We all know that that is exactly what happened to Joseph in the Bible.  He was Jacob’s favourite son.  He gave Joseph a beautiful coat to wear – maybe like my cozy quilt – but none to his brothers.  The brothers were all jealous and sold Joseph as a slave to some travellers.

That’s where today’s scripture reading ends.  It’s not a very happy ending, but it may it is a realistic (if extreme) picture of what goes on in families today.  Luckily, we know how this story really ends – either because we remember if from the Bible or because we watched the Donnie Osmond musical until we could sing along with all the lyrics.  We know that this family will be reunited and forgiving.  It gives us hope for healing of rifts in our own families, both families that we are born into and families that we choose.