Last Sunday we talked about the empty tomb – empty because Jesus had risen from the dead to heaven.  Afterwards, Jesus appeared to the disciples, all but Thomas who was elsewhere.  Poor Thomas could not believe the others when they told him what they had seen.  It is difficult to believe something that we have not seen for ourselves – especially something so amazing and miraculous as Jesus’ appearance.

Let us do a little experiment to see how this would have seemed to them.  Will one of you play the role of Thomas?  Alright, Brennan, you can have my chair.  Now the rest of you gather over here and look at what I have in this treasure box.  Got it?  Okay, come back over here.  The rest of you, like the disciples, are anxious to tell Thomas/Brennan what you saw.  Tell him what you saw in the box.


What do you think, Brennan?  Do you believe your friends that I have a box full of pompoms here?  You do not believe them?  Then you have just the same reaction as Thomas did in the story.  It is hard to believe something that we have not seen ourselves – even if it is something good and exciting.  Take a look.  Now you can see that they were telling you the truth.

Jesus wants us to believe the stories of the Bible even though we have not seen proof that they are true.  He said, “Blessed are those who have not seen and still have believed”.  None of us have seen Jesus face-to-face, but we still believe in him, right?  Then all of us are blessed and faithful – we do not need to see the proof as Thomas did to know that Jesus is risen!