After church today, Christopher and I are going to take our recycling to the depot.  We have several bins like these at home where we sort all of our recyclable stuff.  One bin has glass jars and metal cans, one is full of plastic, and one is full of cereal boxes and other cardboard.

I love to recycle because it is good for the environment, but also because it is so fun to think about what these things might become.  These apple sauce jars might be turned into new jars or road signs!  Used water bottles (like these ones we used when the water was contaminated last month) can be made into new bottles or something much cooler – rope!  And all this cardboard and paper will be made into drywall, gift bags and toilet paper.

Each of these things has served its purpose (mostly holding food) and is being tossed away.  It is so lucky that we have this great recycling program in Canada so that they can each have a new life and a renewed purpose.  All of these new beginnings have got me wishing that I was recyclable.  Just throw me in the bin and see what I can be made into.

In the Bible story today, we hear that Jesus’ friend Lazarus has died.  But Jesus told Laz’s sisters that he was not really the end of his life.  God gave Lazarus a new beginning.  He was not made into a road sign or toilet paper – Lazarus was made into a better version of himself.  I would bet that recycled Lazarus spent a lot of time telling people about what had been done for him.  I thank God for not tossing me away, but always recycling me and finding new purpose for my life.