Last week we talked about stories.  They can begin with “Once upon a time” or “It was a dark and stormy night” or “In a land far, far away”.  There is usually some excitement to grab your interest followed by some character development so that you get to know all the people in the story a bit better.  Then – a conflict or problem, right?  You remember.

This past week we talked about Jesus’ death.  It was like ending Aladdin with Jafar as the sultan.  Or ending with the Grinch stealing everyone’s Christmas gifts and decorations.  It can’t be the end when the Muppets lose the theatre to the mean oil baron.  Back to the Future can’t be over if Biff is running the business.  And no way can it be the end of the Easter story if Jesus is dead.

We know how these stories end.  The bad guy doesn’t win.  There aren’t tears and sadness when the final credits roll on the dvd.  Each of these stories end the same way: “They lived happily ever after.”  Yes, Jesus died.  But that’s not the end.  Jesus rose up to live forever in Heaven with God.

Happily, Jesus lives for ever!