What do you think of my outfit today?  A bit silly?  I heard that the Sunday School was having a party with silly costumes and it made me want to dress up too.  But not everyone is dressed up.  Maybe some people did not know about it, or did not think that dressing silly was appropriate for church.  Or maybe some people did not have enough time to dig through their tickle trunks for something silly to wear.

I wonder if some of you may not want to sit with me because I am dressed too silly.  Maybe you would be embarrassed to be seen with me — maybe you would wonder what others would think if you chose to sit with someone like me at coffee time.  Now silly outfits might seem like an unrealistic example, but there are separations going on in the world that probably seem just as ridiculous to God.  There are people treated differently based on what clothes they wear, where they go to church, how they talk to God, and even what kind of food they eat.

In today’s Bible story, Peter shared a meal and conversation with a group of people called Gentiles.  His friends thought Peter was crazy for spending time with them and eating the type of food they eat.  But Peter assured them that the Gentiles were also children of God.  That God wants us to treat all people equally regardless of what kind of food they eat.

Let us remember as we move into this week to love people as Peter and Jesus instructed – in spite of our differences and because of them!