I am so glad to have been introduced to Tabitha this week.  I had never head of her and was so excited to read about her while I was preparing for this morning’s story.

Tabitha was the only woman identified in the Bible as a disciple of Jesus.  Unlike many of the others she was not known as a preacher, for speaking publically, or for rallying believers.  Tabitha was known for being a disciple of action.  She made clothes for widows and children and other poor people as her ministry.  Tabitha used her skills in sewing to be Jesus’ hands and feet on Earth even after his death.  That was her way of caring for those that Jesus would have cared for had he still been alive.

Today I brought my prayer shawl to show you.  As Tabitha put her love into the garments that she created, my friend Lois created this shawl for me from yarn, love and prayers.  The prayer shawl ministry at Southminster is run by people just like Tabitha who want to create something for people in need, to pour their caring into something physically comforting to be given away.

Let us be thankful for those who are acting in their own discipleship and let us seek to find our own ways to be Jesus’ hands and feet at Southminster, in Lethbridge, and beyond.