At the end of many of our prayers, we say “in Jesus’ name we pray”.  When the disciples were working on their own after Jesus’ death, they would say that they were doing doo works and teaching “in Jesus’ name”.

Today I am leading the service in Rev. Tad’s name.  Before his foot got hurt, he had been planning to lead the service in Barry Horner’s name.  As a Lay Licensed Worship Leader, Barry had been asked to lead the service, being the third Sunday of the month, by the Worship & Music Committee.

But I am not really doing it in Tad’s name or Barry’s name.  Not for the Worship & Music Committee nor for Southminster United Church.  I do it in Jesus’ name.  I do Children’s Time every week in Jesus’ name.  Every time I do something kind or loving or helpful, I do it in Jesus’ name.

Jesus is with me.  Jesus does good things through me.  Jesus is with you.  Jesus does good things through you.  In Jesus’ name, go and do good in the world!