I used to never wear anything red.  I thought that it made my skin look blotchy and spotty.  I thought that it made any sores on my face stand out like bright Christmas lights.  When I received this sweater as a gift, I really considered the idea of returning it to the store.  But now you can see – I wear this red sweater happily.  I changed my mind.

Have any of you ever read this book?  Green Eggs and Ham is about a guy who does not want to eat the breakfast offered by his friend.  He never says why he does not like green eggs and ham… only that he does not.  You remember what happens at the end of the story?  He tries the meal and ends up liking it.  He changed his mind!

In today’s Bible story, Saul is very unkind to Christians.  People who follow Jesus and his teachings were bullied, jailed and sometimes killed by Saul.  Then he meets a man named Ananias.  Just like the character in Dr. Seuss being changed after meeting Sam-I-Am, Saul was changed by Ananias.  He realised that he had been unkind and set out to travel with the disciples and preach Jesus’ message.  What a change!