If I stand on this chair, I can reach all the way up to the ceiling of the church!  Do you believe me?
[I stand on the chair and reach.]

My shoe is full of jello.  Do you believe me?  [I take off my shoe and look inside.]

When I clap my hands, the lights will turn off.  Do you believe me?
[I clap my hands and look around at the lights.]


We hear lots of things in life that are pretty unbelievable.  It doesn’t make sense that I would have jello in my shoe!  But sometimes we hear a story that sounds unbelievable but turns out to be completely true.  Like, what if I told you that Mary Lee had been replaced by a penguin in the organ pit.  Let’s go see.  [I pre-planted a large toy penguin on the recently vacated seat of the organist.]

You all did not believe that there could be a penguin in Mary Lee’s seat, but here he is!  One of the disciples (Thomas) did not believe that Jesus had appeared to the others in a locked room.  He didn’t believe it because Jesus was dead – it was an unbelievable story – but also because he hadn’t seen Jesus for himself.  Until you saw Pengie, you didn’t believe my story either.

Like Thomas, we’re allowed to ask questions when things seem difficult to believe.  Ask questions to increase your understanding of our shared faith.