I have with me this card that my Grandma once sent me in the mail.  Can you see what is attached to the inside?  All very beautiful pieces of fabric.

I especially like this one because purple is my favourite colour.  But I also like this one a lot because it really matches some fancy green cushions that I have on my bed at home.  I did not think that I would like the ones with the flowers on them much… but I began to see the value when I realised how great it was to have contrast.

My Grandma took each of these fabrics and made them into a beautiful quilt for me when I moved away from home.  Do you see where some of them match up to the pieces in the card?  There is the purple I like.  And there is one of the flowery ones.  Even though I did not much like it on its own, I can see how beautiful it is surrounded and supported by the others.

Looking at this quilt makes me think of all the time and love my Grandma put into making it.  But in a way it also reminds me of today’s scripture reading.  We are reminded that each of us has spiritual gifts – special talents given to us by God.  Within the church, we all have chances to make use of our gifts.  Barry is leading the service today, Joanne is leading the choir, Christina will teach Sunday School, others will make coffee, set tables, collect offering, sing passionately, or give a friendly hug.  Each of those things on their own do not make up a church family, but when we are all stitched together like this quilt, each piece contributing to the whole – what a beautiful family we make.